Our Mission

The OrbitalRX mission is simple:

Empower pharmacy leaders with the tools they need to proactively mitigate the ongoing impacts of medication shortages, and deliver them with intelligent, intuitive solutions that hospitals can deploy to protect their patients from harm while efficiently responding to supply chain threats.

Our Story

OrbitalRX began as most big adventures do: With an audacious but achievable vision. With decades of experience, the OrbitalRX leadership team saw a problem growing larger and more complex every day. As former pharmacy leaders, they experienced firsthand the frustrations and increasing severities of shortages. Existing tools were homegrown, manual and time-consuming. Business processes were disconnected and lacked transparency. Data was available but required enormous efforts to operationalize. And patient care was negatively impacted.

Recognizing the need for a better, faster way, the team developed a comprehensive solution that would finally empower pharmacy leaders to begin automating medication shortage management workflows in a way that reflected the needs and priorities of pharmacy departments across the country.

Our Team

At OrbitalRX, we’re more than our software. Our team is inclusive and collaborative, and we truly believe that while OrbitalRX software provides a much-needed solution for hospitals to better manage the day-to-day burden of shortages, the ultimate outcome is better tools for protecting the health and lives of patients everywhere. The solutions we’re building at OrbitalRX are an extension of our oath to patient care and our personal and professional mission.

Nate Peaty, PharmD, MS
Chief Product Officer
Adam Orsborn, PharmD, MS
Chief Executive Officer
Mayank Thanawala
Chief Technology Officer

Be a part of a new approach to building pharmacy automation

an approach that understands, values, and truly appreciates your needs, challenges, and priorities. Because we’ve been in your shoes, we get it, and we’re building the technology we always wanted. We’re inviting you to be a part of this process and journey. We can’t build great things without you so please let us know how we can help.