OrbitalRX, IBM Watson Health to Launch Integrated Solution for Managing Drug Shortages

The Better Path to Managing Drug Shortages

OrbitalRX provides the all-in-one platform designed by pharmacists for pharmacists to unify data while proactively managing drug shortages, bringing the power of real-time situational awareness in a health system pharmacy-focused workflow.

Managing Drug Shortages with OrbitalRX

Managing Hospital Drug Shortages Just Got Easier

Gain powerful situational awareness of your entire health system with our comprehensive data-unifying platform built for hospital pharmacy workflows.

You can proactively manage drug shortages, and reduce the risk to your health system and patients, all while reducing your workload by 50%.

Empowering Hospital Pharmacists with Timely Data

As former hospital pharmacists, we understand your challenges, stresses, and workflows. So we built the first data-unifying pharmacy technology platform for you to efficiently and effectively manage medication shortages.

Be part of a new approach to hospital pharmacy automation that’s grounded in real-world workflows.

Create Meeting Notes for Shortage Meetings
Managing Drug Shortages with OrbitalRX

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Give Your Team Hours Back in Their Schedules:


Hours Saved Analyzing New Shortages


Hours Saved Analyzing New COVID Shortages


Immediate Reduction in Workload


Weekly Hours Saved Updating Shortages


Weekly Hours Saved Updating COVID Shortages

"Before OrbitalRX, I had to search and scramble in meetings, pulling reports and numbers from multiple places, and now I can type in the drug name to get all of the details I need. It's invaluable. OrbitalRX has become my one-stop-shop for shortage management."

- Meghan, Pharmacy Buyer

"We chose to work with OrbitalRX because their leadership team has experience in the trenches, leading pharmacy services in a large, complex, academic medical center environment. They've been in our shoes and understand our challenges."

- Jim, Director of Inpatient Pharmacy Operations

"Thanks for all you guys are doing to help with [COVID-19] at OrbitalRX. We have been really impressed by the outcomes we have been seeing over the last several months using the technology."

- Phil, Chief Pharmacy Officer

"The OrbitalRX solution will save 8-10 hours of work a week for one of our buyers and help improve the overall organization of how our team works together."

- Spencer, Supply Chain Manager

"The OrbitalRX platform helps me easily determine what's really a problem versus what's not. It helps me focus my time, and monitor all of our shortages with statuses. It's helped me stay organized on what's restricted, what's been communicated, and what's critical."

- Meghan, Pharmacy Buyer

"We cannot wait to get this implemented and get rid of our old process!"

- Kristin, Shortage Manager

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