Shortage Manager: Navigate Drug Shortages with Confidence

Shortage Manager is not just a tool—it’s your strategic ally in combating drug shortages before they impact care. Our solution helps hospitals manage drug shortages and their associated challenges, especially related to workflow, communication and access to inventory and supplier data. We accomplish this by providing a secure, cloud-based system designed and built by experienced hospital pharmacy leaders and refined by some of the best health-systems in the world.

Shortage Manager features automated tools that drive data-informed decision making and information accessibility, empowering pharmacy teams to quickly address drug shortage issues, efficiently communicate statuses and mitigate patient care impacts. Leveraging real-time insights, our platform is meticulously crafted to fit seamlessly into pharmacy workflows, offering unmatched foresight and control.

Automate Shortage Inventory

Eliminate the manual processes of running reports, analyzing data, and transcribing into a spreadsheet. Our automated drug shortage inventory functionality breaks down data silos and aggregates all your pharmacy data into one easy-to-use interface. Our platform enables you to auto-update inventory feeds based on your chosen timeline, view inventory summaries and drill down to the location or cabinet so you can make appropriate strategic decisions for your organization. Your runway is automatically calculated, displayed, and sorted based upon your defined usage rates.

Automate Shortage Inventory
Create New Shortages

Add New Shortages with Ease

In seconds, add new shortage listings directly from your connected catalogs, and our system will fill in the NDC, CIN, MedID and inventory automatically. Don’t worry about duplicates, we’ll highlight which listings already exist so your data remains clean. Shortage listings, along with their history, can be easily archived and quickly retrieved if a shortage returns.

Create Custom Labels

Organize your OrbitalRX Shortage Directory with custom labels. Better manage your long and complicated list of shortages with labels specific to your organization’s needs and workflows. From creating meeting agendas to grouping together related shortages, labels put your team in charge of addressing your shortages more easily.

Create Custom Labels
Add Meeting Notes

Save Time with Meeting Notes

Our Meeting Notes capability cuts down on the time spent in meetings, as well as individually, managing shortages. You’ll be able to provide your organization with improved transparency and access to shortage-specific notes in real-time. Now you have a longitudinal record of all your meeting notes so you can quickly reference the history of a shortage and easily track follow-up activities from previous meetings.  

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