There’s a Better Way to Manage Your Hospital’s Drug Shortages and the Supply Chain


“Before OrbitalRX, I had to search and scramble in meetings, pulling reports and numbers from multiple places, and now I can type in the drug name to get all of the details I need. It’s invaluable. OrbitalRX has become my one-stop-shop for shortage management.”

– Meghan, Pharmacy Buyer

“We chose to work with OrbitalRX because their leadership team has experience in the trenches, leading pharmacy services in a large, complex, academic medical center environment. They’ve been in our shoes and understand our challenges.”

– Jim, Director of Inpatient Pharmacy Operations

“Thanks for all you guys are doing to help with COVID-19 at OrbitalRX. We have been really impressed by the outcomes we have been seeing over the last several months using the technology.”

– Phil, Chief Pharmacy Officer

“The OrbitalRX solution will save 8-10 hours of work a week for one of our buyers and help improve the overall organization of how our team works together.”

– Spencer, Supply Chain Manager

“The OrbitalRX platform helps me easily determine what’s really a problem versus what’s not. It helps me focus my time, and monitor all of our shortages with statuses. It’s helped me stay organized on what’s restricted, what’s been communicated, and what’s critical.”

– Meghan, Pharmacy Buyer

“We cannot wait to get this implemented and get rid of our old process!”

– Kristin, Shortage Manager

Drug Shortage Management Made Easy

OrbitalRX is the only data-unifying platform designed to proactively manage drug shortages through the power of predictive analysis and real-time situational awareness in a pharmacy-focused workflow.

ENTERPRISE-WIDE VISIBILITY | Gain full visibility of drug shortage data across your health system with power to easily filter data down to individual campuses.

ALL-IN-ONE PROCUREMENT CENTER | Eliminate the need to engage with multiple procurement vendors through a single, consolidated view of procurement options.

CENTRALIZED COMMUNICATIONS CENTER | Improve communications and mitigation strategies, action follow-through, and reporting to key stakeholders.

FAST AND EASY IMPLEMENTATION | Reduce your effort and time to benefit and allow our team to get your data into the platform and your team trained so you can start using the platform right away.

We're proud to be working with health systems and partners across the country to improve drug supply chain management and patient care.

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Automate Shortage Inventory

Eliminate the manual processes of running reports, analyzing data, and transcribing into a spreadsheet. Our automated drug shortage inventory functionality breaks down data silos and aggregates all your pharmacy data into one easy-to-use interface.

Our platform enables you to auto-update inventory feeds based on your chosen timeline, view inventory summaries and drill down to the location or cabinet so you can make appropriate strategic decisions for your organization. Your runway is automatically calculated, displayed, and sorted based upon your defined usage rates.

Automate Shortage Inventory
Create New Shortages

Add New Shortages with Ease

In seconds, add new shortage listings directly from your connected catalogs, and our system will fill in the NDC, CIN, MedID and inventory automatically. Don’t worry about duplicates, we’ll highlight which listings already exist so your data remains clean.

Shortage listings, along with their history, can be easily archived and quickly retrieved if a shortage returns.

Create Custom Labels

Organize your OrbitalRX Shortage Directory with custom labels. Better manage your long and complicated list of shortages with labels specific to your organization’s needs and workflows.

From creating meeting agendas to grouping together related shortages, labels put your team in charge of addressing your shortages more easily.

Create Custom Labels
Add Meeting Notes

Save Time with Meeting Notes

Our Meeting Notes capability cuts down on the time spent in meetings, as well as individually, managing shortages. You’ll be able to provide your organization with improved transparency and access to shortage-specific notes in real-time.

Now you have a longitudinal record of all your meeting notes so you can quickly reference the history of a shortage and easily track follow-up activities from previous meetings.

The Only Data-Unifying Platform Designed for Proactive Drug Shortage Management

We help you identify risk-factors based on internal and external data for when a medication shortage could cause harm in your health-system. We give you the tools you need to deal with all aspects of the problem.


Enterprise-wide Visibility

See drug data across your entire health system, and granularly filter data down to individual campuses

Procurement Center

Have a single, consolidated view of procurement options and vendors, always within arm’s reach


Communication Center

Communicate, report, and follow through with key stakeholders more efficiently and effectively

Real-Time Situational Awareness

Make faster and more informed decisions relevant to your unique health system environment and workflow

Full Shortage Management Lifecycle

Encompass all data, steps, and processes within one platform instead of multiple, one-off apps and systems

Single Consolidated Dashboard

Depend on more accurate and reliable shortage management data for a more efficient pharmacy


Visibility with Context

Gain clearer understanding of drug utilization and more accurate inventory analysis, while removing inventory blind spots

Real-Time Automation of Data Collection and Analysis

Rely on up-to-date information in real-time, without manually aggregating data from disparate systems and applications

Pharmacist-Centric Workflow

Designed by pharmacists for true, pharmacist-centric workflows to reduce redundant steps, illogical paths, incomplete data, and inefficiency

A Platform That Works the Way You Do

OrbitalRX provides everything you need to anticipate, evaluate, take action, follow-up, and report in a single, powerful drug shortage management platform designed to improve your overall shortage management strategy.



The OrbitalRX platform provides a real-time view of drug inventory, both across the health systems and also within individual sites. Through a consolidated view, you have visibility into:

  • what product you have
  • where it’s located
  • how fast it’s being used
  • history for the products

This visibility enables better management of happenings within your health system.

Supply Chain

The platform provides a broader view of what product is available and consolidates it into a single dashboard. You can see all potential medication alternatives and availability across multiple supplier catalogs.

This gives the you the ability to:

  • see all options available in real-time
  • spread out your buying strategies
  • have greater confidence in your buying decisions

Pharmacy Workflow and Communications

With OrbitalRX, you can organize and automate medication information from across the health system and supply chains through a consolidated view, then take action based on the most up-to-date and relevant information.

Goodbye old time-draining methods of manually organizing the disparate data into spreadsheets, only to sit in stakeholder inboxes.

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