Transforming Pharmacy Supply Chain Management

Redefine your approach to drug shortages—see the impact immediately with ShortScore

At OrbitalRX, we understand the critical nature of managing drug shortages efficiently. Our new solution, ShortScore, offers a dynamic approach by daily aggregating drug shortage data across a vast network of major health systems. Utilize our solution to gain proactive insights with our “early warning” system, predicting demand volatility and minimizing supply chain disruptions.

Daily Updated Scores

Track availability concerns with a daily updated risk score, helping you assess potential shortages swiftly.

Data-Driven Decisions

Improve forecast accuracy and reduce the need for restrictive product allocations with robust data analytics.

Enhanced Product Availability

Respond quickly to market demands, capture potential revenue, and reduce losses from delayed production.

Stay Ahead of the Curve

With ShortScore’s innovative scoring system, you’re not just reacting to drug shortages; you’re anticipating them. Our tool tracks daily changes in drug availability, enabling you to stay one step ahead of supply issues before they become critical. This proactive approach ensures that you can make informed decisions quickly, keeping your operations smooth and uninterrupted.

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Data at Your Fingertips

Forget the days of scattered information and uncertain supply statuses. ShortScore brings you centralized, up-to-date data from across the healthcare network, making it easier than ever to access the information you need, when you need it. Our intuitive dashboard puts control at your fingertips, simplifying complex data into actionable insights.

ShortScore’s Proven Success

A leading pharmaceutical manufacturer achieved a remarkable 20:1 return on investment (ROI) by integrating ShortScore into their demand forecasting strategy. Additional benefits of ShortScore include: 


Increased Revenue Opportunities

Identify and capitalize on emerging market demands, securing additional revenue streams.

Proactive Risk Management

Pinpoint potential shortages early, allowing for preemptive actions and avoiding costly contractual penalties.


Improved Patient Care

Ensure essential medications are available when needed, enhancing the quality of patient treatment.

Build a Resilient Supply Chain

Enhance your resilience against market fluctuations with ShortScore. By providing a clear view of potential risks and immediate demands, our solution allows you to optimize production plans and inventory levels. Secure your operations against unforeseen shortages and protect your bottom line.

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