COVID-19 Drug Shortage Tracker

We invite you to join us in the fight against the ongoing drug shortage crisis. We’re compiling powerful data from hospitals across the US to paint a comprehensive picture of what’s happening on the front lines. This data articulates:

  • Top COVID-related shortages tracked by your peers 
  • How critical your peers consider each shortage to be
  • Average amount of weeks on hand among your peers

We invite you to download and add your data to our shortage template, then send it to us so we can include your data in the chart below.

Click the buttons below to download a shortage workflow template and input your data, then send us your workflow template to include in the tracker.

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OrbitalRX Drug Shortage Tracker v1:

COVID-19 Resource Center:

You’re only as effective as the data that’s available. So our team has compiled a library of articles, data, briefings, and resources from across the web. We hope you’ll find these resources as valuable as we do and encourage you to share them with your colleagues.


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Pandemic exposes drug shortages doctors have grappled with for "more than 2 decades"

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FDA LIST of Drug Shortages


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ASU COVID-19 Data Repository

Public Data Lake for Analysis of COVID-19 Data


69 experimental COVID-19 drugs, treatments identified

“Before OrbitalRX, I had to search and scramble in meetings, pulling reports and numbers from multiple places, and now I can type in the drug name to get all of the details I need. It’s invaluable. OrbitalRX has become my one-stop-shop for shortage management.”

– Meghan, Pharmacy Buyer

“We chose to work with OrbitalRX because their leadership team has experience in the trenches, leading pharmacy services in a large, complex, academic medical center environment. They’ve been in our shoes and understand our challenges.”

– Jim, Director of Inpatient Pharmacy Operations

“Thanks for all you guys are doing to help with [COVID-19] at OrbitalRX. We have been really impressed by the outcomes we have been seeing over the last several months using the technology.”

– Phil, Chief Pharmacy Officer

“The OrbitalRX solution will save 8-10 hours of work a week for one of our buyers and help improve the overall organization of how our team works together.”

– Spencer, Supply Chain Manager

“The OrbitalRX platform helps me easily determine what’s a problem versus what’s not. It helps me focus my time, and I can monitor all of our shortages with statuses. It’s helped me stay organized on what’s restricted, what’s been communicated, and what’s critical and needs to be watched more closely.”

– Meghan, Pharmacy Buyer

“We cannot wait to get this implemented and get rid of our old process!”

– Kristin, Shortage Manager

Let’s discuss how this data will increase your effectiveness during COVID-19: