eBook: Using Technology to Manage Drug Shortages and the Supply Chain

Drug management was already a significant challenge facing healthcare organizations. Then COVID-19 came along and brought with it new drug shortages, staff turnover, an overwhelmed supply chain, and more problems that further strained healthcare providers and jeopardized patient care. However, there is a silver lining: By pairing best practices with innovative technology, providers can significantly strengthen their management of drug shortages and the drug supply chain while alleviating much of the stress brought on by these challenges.

This eBook delivers important updates, practical insights, resources, and implementable guidance that will help you make smarter short- and long-term decisions concerning your organization’s drug management processes and performance. This guide discusses: 

  • Drug shortages and their impact on patient care
  • Importance of empowering pharmacists
  • Critical role of data and automation
  • Value of a drug shortage management system
  • Managing drug shortages in today’s COVID-19 world
  • How technology helps improve hospital drug management

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