Our Approach

Go from reactive to proactive with speed and efficiency.

With drug shortages becoming more pervasive and severe, hospitals and pharmacies need a fast path to efficient drug shortage management that mitigates short-term impacts and scales to address longer-term trends.

OrbitalRX has the immediate answers to the toughest questions

What can I buy?
How long will our supplies last?
What do I have?
What did we do last time?
Who needs to know?

Automate & Organize Everything

Automate and organize into processes, systems, data and workflows that comprise the medication supply chain. Be decisive with continuous visibility and situational awareness.

Unlock innovative, time-saving tools

Centralize workflows and response management

Scale operations with an open, automated design

Measure Effectiveness

Achieve efficient shortage response by automatically gathering and assessing data. Then easily report and share shortage analytics with anyone, anytime, connecting pharmacy leaders directly to stakeholders.

Mitigate potential harm with fast response

Make informed decisions and measure response effectiveness

Report and communicate action across the enterprise

Reduce Risk & Costs

Modernize drug shortage management by working smarter and faster, ultimately changing the way hospitals view patient care and pharmacy management. Be confident in harnessing innovation to mitigate risk and contain costs.

Increase productivity and spend less time managing shortages

Modernize how you mitigate risk and manage costs

Form a foundation of organizational transparency and maturity

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